Xbox repair status not updating

24-Oct-2017 14:18

We can’t give an estimated time for the release, but this is absolutely our top priority and we will update as soon as possible. Once we have identified the cause, and repaired the relevant code, we will release an update on Xbox One.If you’re still running into trouble, please note down the error code and give our Customer Support Hotline a call on 133 930 so we can assist. Due to this, any item that contains a lithium ion battery can be delivered by standard post only. If you place an order outside of business hours, we’ll aim to have your order ready within 1 hour of the store opening on the next business day.Please note that the email that you receive after placing your order is not confirmation that the order is ready for collection. Bring along your pick up confirmation email, as well as some ID (Drivers Licence for example), and your EB World card if you’re an EB World member. Yes, however, the store or our Order Verification team may need to speak to you to verify the order prior to organising this. In rare circumstances, your chosen store may reject your Store Pickup order.Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform.Xbox Live is available on the Xbox 360 gaming console, Windows PCs and Windows Phone devices.You can also submit your Gamertag and missing content there.

If you are missing content, please read this FAQ for more information.

Microsoft and The Coalition are tracking bugs with Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions on the game's official forum, We're going to keep this article updated to reflect the latest problems, solutions and workarounds until the game is completely bug free!

Update: Microsoft has posted an updated list of Gears of War 4 issues on the official Gears of War forums, having resolved previous issues like the infinite loading bug on one of the game's Acts. Matchmaking Issues We have deployed two server side updates to improve matchmaking and squads.

In most cases, we will be able to give you two options: 1) We will be able to ship your products to you directly from our Brisbane Warehouse, with FREE shipping! If your order is rejected, please follow the instructions within the notification email, or call our friendly Customer Support Hotline on 133 930. However, the Store Team at your chosen store will call you before this occurs. Trade laws and requirements vary from state to state, so to check your particular requirements please check out our comprehensive trade and save page. Included peripherals can vary between consoles and will be listed on the product page.

Our Gadget Repair Center possesses the Technical comprehension and Capability for any of your needs across Dell’s wide range of products.

For major issues or urgent enquries please feel free to contact our Customer Support Hotline on 13 39 30 - Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm AEST.