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25-Nov-2017 01:24

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" He said "Because it discriminates against same-sex couples," I was like "N****a please save me the semantics, take your chips out of the casino you’re about to crap out. Go outside, talk it over amongst yourselves, and whichever one of you is gayer, that’s the wife [audience laughs]."" On the term LGBTQ: "L. Sorry,” the stand-up comic told the audience, according to a tweet from NBC’s “Sunday TODAY” host Willie Geist.Chappelle voiced his regrets about having misguided faith in President Trump while performing at a benefit diner for Robin Hood, a non-profit organization raising money for homeless people in New York.Stranger things have happened in New Orleans.' The website reported the unexpected performance was 'hilarious' and seemed to even take the stars by surprise. @chrisrock & @Dave Chappelle on the stage together.Magic.' No cell phones were allowed inside the theater, per tour rules.“And we, the historically disenfranchised, demand that he give us one too.” The comedian also admitted that he was staying in a Trump hotel for his “SNL” hosting gig.“I don’t know if he’ll make a good president, but he makes a swell hotel suite,” he said.

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And while he wasn’t referring to you, he went on Oprah and talked about a white staffer laughing too hard at that sketch.Chris Rock kicked off his Total Blackout tour on Saturday evening.But fans were in for a huge surprise when, following the opening act, comedian Dave Chappelle walked out on stage at the Saenger Theatre.Buzzfeed national correspondent John Stanton tweeted: 'Can't even explain how ill it was to see @realjeffreyross and @ericandre open for @Dave Chappelle and @chrisrock talking s**t for an hour' He also wrote: 'Went to the Chris Rock show tonight.

Instead we got Jeff Ross, Eric Andre, Dave Chappelle AND Chris Rock.

“Ladies and gentleman, man the fuck up or you’re not going to make it through this show,” Dave Chappelle says early on in the first of his two new Netflix specials, responding to some wincing in the crowd over an O. On gay rights: "Y’all always have some kind of gay political argument; the last one was about a petition in federal court to take the words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ out of the law, and I said "Why would you want those words out the law? If the police shot half as many transgenders as they did n****s last year there’d be a fucking war in L. I know black dudes in Brooklyn, hard, street motherfuckers, who wear high heels just to feel safe." The controversy is only the latest in a continuing debate about what can and can't be joked about.