Updating your marketing plan

13-Jan-2018 21:36

When’s the last time you took out your marketing plan, blew the dust off of it, and read it?If your marketing strategy includes taking out an ad in the Yellow Pages, it’s probably been a while.If you’re doing things correctly, a lot of hard work and planning goes into your marketing strategy.Each of the four Ps is workshopped and debated until a complete strategy comes together.The factors below should help you understand when you should consider an update / refresh of your strategic plan: Sometimes you just need an opportunity to tell a new story.A refreshed look and feel, a new product, a new service – even a new name – may be what you need to attract attention, build awareness and capture market share through a new strategic approach in communication, but not only.Dump the ones that are sapping your time and energy, and put all that effort into the ones that are really working.When you have more time to spend on your more worthwhile accounts, you can do some deep dives into your analytics, to see what kinds of posts are working best for you.

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On the other hand, digital marketing moves so fast that if you don’t constantly change your business will fall behind. There’s merit to both, plus various pieces of the digital strategy require different levels of attention.

They also talk in wide circles about marketing (social media, advertising, etc) but don’t always pin down how they’ll use this marketing strategy to actually close sales. It’s fine to make goals, even if you don’t meet them.

In fact, having sales objectives in your plan can help you aim higher.

An appropriate mind setup should be that strategy is not a “once a year” activity; it’s part of company life evolution, influenced by internal changes, trends, technology, competition evolution and other factors.

As leaders, we must ensure our strategy is clear and understood.

Both are designed to keep companies ahead of the industry curve.

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