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18-Sep-2017 15:36

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I just saw the flashing question mark/face folder icon The Rhapsody partition is no longer showing up. When I got to the installation process & was selecting the Rhapsody disk, it said something like "Previous Selected Install Partition".

It then gave the same preparation message as before and it now said "To continue installation, click restart".

I hit restart & then it show the flashing folder icon again & then booted into I rebooted the computer, while holding down the alt key & only saw this icon (I recreated it.

No possible way to take a screenshot of that screen) I clicked it & Mac OS 9.2.2 booted.

Which i Mac are you talking about, there are several revision.

The original 233 tray loading optical drive style or the slot loading optical drive style of i Mac?

I bought a used i Mac G3 recently and I am trying to get it at max performance. I read on some places that 7200 RPM drives may have overheat problems in the G3 is that true?

If you try to install Mac OS 8.5 on a 68k Mac, the Sad Mac error screen will appear.

It shows the partition as this: I don't think it will carry that old server and I'm betting it's a firmware thing.

BUT..can always "acquire" 10.4/3/2/1 server and install it on there.

Pretty much I installed the Rage 128 Kexts from Tiger they help some but not all of its bundles are compatible with leo so i dont get any Open GL acceleration for example.

apart from doing Fancy GUI animations it runs well (especially as i have it booting from a Good 16GB CF card where the HDD normally goes) of course tiger is better suited but where is the fun in that (also Leopard looks nice on a Pismo heh) id love to see leopard on an i Book G3 or i Mac G3 heh (or any other G3 with a G4 upgrade I have run leopard on my G3 Blue and White as well as my G3 beige) 68K: Plus, LC, LCII, IIci, Perf 450, Perf 630, Duo 230 PPC: Perf 6200, PM 8600, PB 1400, G3 DT x2, G3 B/W, i Book G3 500, i Mac G3 SL, G4 Sawtooth, G4 QS, i Mac G4 700, PB G4, PM G5, Xserve G4 Trayload Intel: Early '08 MBP sounds like a plan!

Since the i Mac G3 can still boot Mac OSes 8 and 9, I mostly use the machine to indulge a nostalgia for childhood schooldays spent poking at the operating system and playing Escape Velocity.

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