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07-Nov-2017 20:12

Inserting a disc and installing it should be an easy task, but things have gone awry for some users.Some of IGN's readers have noted that game installs seem to sputter out around the 97% mark, stalling out indefinitely.

This is ***** me off pay good money for this and its messing me about. Hello Angry Customer05, Welcome to the community and I'm sorry to learn you're experiencing issues with your Ti Vo® box. 3 hours later the message was still on the screen and we made several more phone calls which also did not fix the issue. You'll get a green light and the screen will say no signal checking Grab your remote and click tv listings You're back in business and you've not even wiped your harddrive. This isn't the first issue we've had with sky that we were left feeling like we were gonna have to buy a new box and that i've gone online and fixed myself.