Svn checksum mismatch while updating eclipse

10-Aug-2017 22:15

The manual is neither meant to be read as a starting point to the Yocto Project nor read from start to finish.Use this manual to find concepts, variable definitions, class descriptions, and so forth as needed during the course of using the Yocto Project.After reading this document, you will have a basic understanding of what the Yocto Project is and how to use some of its core components.This document steps you through a simple example showing you how to build a small image and run it using the Quick EMUlator (QEMU emulator).We will not be concerned with the server side, other than to note that our repository is a folder on the Subversion server. Each student will check out a working copy of the repository to their own computer.

If you want to use the Yocto Project to test run building an image without having to understand concepts, work through the Yocto Project Quick Start. This manual provides reference information for the current release of the Yocto Project.This manual is best used after you have an understanding of the basics of the Yocto Project.The mailinglist is a much better place to troubleshoot things, and to get suggestions from other svn administrators and svn devs.

I'm sorry, but I'm closing your issue as "Invalid" for now.

Among other things, the Yocto Project uses an Open Embedded build system.

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