Sophos antivirus configure updating greyed out

19-Dec-2017 13:08

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VCU Technology Services provides new Sophos anti-virus versions at different times.There is no requirement for the general VCU community to upgrade to the new version of Sophos using the manual process. The most common reason this might happen is if you have another anti-virus program installed that you did not remove.Starting with system services, let’s stop only those services that need stopping.Since we don’t know what the system refers to these services as, we first need to get a list of service names that Power Shell can use.Jason Coltrin has been working in IT for more than 17 years.He holds an MCSE 2003 Security plus various Palo Alto and Sonic Wall firewall certifications.If things go wrong or a script makes a temporary change, we can easily revert to a clean sample.I find that when building scripts, Power Shell ISE is irreplaceable, because we can walk through each step and test separate statements in individual tabs.

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There is a link inside the warning that you can click on to find out about the virus that the warning is telling you about.

The IT Support Center will work with you to resolve this issue so you can install Sophos.