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16-Jan-2018 16:08

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We plan on taking our dog (aka Mayor) with us on a plane to Florida this week.

While we've traveled with our cat before, we're thinking this trip might prove to be a little bit of a challenge (so we're doing everything we can to prep and avoid stressing out).

The drug did the opposite of what she’d hoped for, however, making her daughter unstoppably hyper. “Sheila probably told you we both work in pharmaceutical sciences. 6 in her “ten tips for international travel with kids” is “sedate the children.” Two years ago, she and her developer husband relocated from Ottawa to South Africa.

We have a little bit of experience with drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients but you don’t know what the reactions are going to be under that particular circumstance.” She was hoping “she would get some rest and we’d both be rested by the time we got back home because daddy was waiting at the other end and I wanted her to be in a good mood.” Sachs-Barrable gave Gravol in tablet form to her daughter shortly after boarding. The journey with their three toddlers involved an overnight flight to London, a full-day layover in Heathrow and another overnight flight to Cape Town.

Did you know that dogs have anxiety problems just like humans?

Did you know you can use benadryl for dog’s anxiety? If you’re looking for something more natural or specifically for dogs try this.

if you’re skeptical about using Benadryl for dogs is make a call your vet actually should do that anytime you are starting a treatment for dog just like you would if you were many give your child a new medication.

Because we're not sedating our dog, we're a little nervous about him barking, howling, or just about anything that will cause us to stress out at 30,000 ft in the air.

At a recent workshop at UBC called “Travelling with Kids,” the subject of sedating children for long-haul flights came up.