Excel formulas stop updating

18-Nov-2017 17:42

Hopefully one of them will get you where you need to go.

excel formulas stop updating-40

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Is it possible to hide the formulas but display the results?

Please go to lock and protect the formulas as follows: Lock and protect formulas with Format Cells and Protect Sheet functions Lock and protect formulas with Worksheet Design By default, all cells on a worksheet are locked, so you must unlock all of the cells first.1. If you want to unprotect the sheet, you just need to click Worksheet Design Tip.

Select the whole worksheet with Ctrl A, and right click, choose Format Cells from the context menu.2. If you want to quickly protect multiple sheets, please try to use the Kutools for Excel’s Protect Worksheet as shown in the following screenshot.

Normally Excel adjusts the cell references if you copy your formulas to another location in your worksheet.

You would have to fix all cell references with a dollar sign ($) or press F4 key to toggle the relative to absolute references to prevent adjusting the cell references in formula automatically.I figured I make sure the easy way really wouldn't work for you ;^).