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Unhappy decided to scour the web to find out what was so special about this particular janitorial franchise to receive such high praise when their janitorial franchise competitors were being branded as scams and ripoffs. fit=335,160" class="alignleft wp-image-7286 size-full" src="https://i2com/ resize=335,160" alt="Vanguard Cleaning" srcset="https://i2com/ On a site called, we quickly discovered that Vanguard Cleaning Systems franchise owners have the same complaints as other janitorial franchises: underbid contracts, hidden fees, lack of support, overpriced equipment, and a franchisor that will fraudulently take away your accounts to give them to other franchisees. With Vanguard Cleaning System/Services, Besides the high cost of buying the contract through them, they get 15% a month from each contract you get from them, and they don’t even protect you or care for you when there’s a complaint even though it’s not your fault. They are even the first one to accuse you of doing something wrong. Please do an extensive research first especially the janitorial company. They’re never on your side…takes them forever to get you to the volume you paid for…They deduct from you even if you dont have your full volume…They sale you CHEAP useless equipment for the most part…And they dont care if you get paid a fair amount on the buildings they bid on…(THEY BID EXTRA LOW)…so if you plan on hiring people on,dont deal with them because you wont be able to afford it…Also after they get your money that you needed to start up the franchise,its hard to catch up with them…i wish i would have stayed on my nine to five and kept my money where it was…I know there other things to invest in..

Vanguard Cleaning " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ They seem motivated and/or more interested in you losing the contract maybe it’s because not only they get to keep your money that you use to buy the contract but they can sell the contract again to another franchisee for the same amount you bought the contract for if not more. One important advice, DON’T GO AND SIGN UP WITH VANGUARD CLEANING SYSTEM ! After a time they go around and ask your customer if everything is ok,but they are trying to get them to change to a differant vanguard franchise so they can keep the money rolling in. And the mistery deductions never will they itemize. Not only the staff are very rude and unprofessional.. The Vanguard staff are nice in the beginning, until you buy their franchise and they’ll just don’t give a %&^8 anymore.

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